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Young Latino Professionals of

Kansas City

Young Latino Professionals (YLP) is a network of more than 350 passionate individuals from all backgrounds and various industries who come together to shape their communities while developing as leaders.  

YLP provides opportunities for young leaders to engage with like-minded peers through social and professional networking, philanthropic outreach and professional development.   Our organization recognizes that Greater Kansas City’s professional community is constantly growing and so are we!

YLP was the brainchild the Kansas City Hispanic Collaborative; an organization that works to create opportunities that may have been previously unexplored by young Latino professionals in Greater Kansas City. Through their efforts, our organization was formed to connect leaders and positively impact communities.



YLPKC Membership

As a member you will get the opportunity to engage with like minded peers through social and professional networking, philanthropic outreach, and professional development events.

Our social and professional networking events focus on connecting young professionals at KC’s new and most unique venues.

Our philanthropy events promote growth with opportunities of service that strengthens the Greater Kansas City.

Our Professional & Cultural events focus on workshops, training, and enriching programming for professional and cultural growth.


Each committee has members who volunteer their time and serve under a chair. These members attend committee meetings, contribute ideas and share the responsibilities of the committee.


The Communications Committee spreads the word through press releases, electronic newsletters and, social media. The Communications Committee is dedicated to promoting YLP throughout Greater Kansas City.


YLP is run by six officers: President, Executive Vice President, and four Executive Board Members. There are also two non-voting board positions: Latinos of Tomorrow Representative and President Emeritus.

The officers meet monthly to review rising issues, go over committee reports and make final decisions to ensure YLP is fulfilling its mission. The officers are consistently communicating, monitoring and refining YLP’s strategies to ensure its success in engaging and supporting its members and growth. Officers serve on a two year term and are voted in by the current members. Elections are held each year, alternating between the President and Vice President seats and the Executive Board Member seats.

The Executive Board

Veronica Alvidrez, Communications Strategist
Jahleel Allen, Treasurer
Victor Michimani, Administrator 
Alex Sanchez, Social Strategist 

Communications Committee


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